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Which Southeast Asian country has the nickname 'The Land Of A Thousand Smiles'?


In which mainland European country is the time the same as it is in the United Kingdom?


In 1824, which country changed its name, having previously been known as New Holland?


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The flags of which three countries consist of a solid background with a single circle on it?

Bangladesh (green background/red circle), Japan (white background/red circle) and Palau (blue background/yellow circle)

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In which year did India gain independence from Britain?


Where was Queen frontman Freddie Mercury born?

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Switzerland is made up of how many cantons?


The Trans-Siberian Express connects Moscow to which other Russian city 5600 miles away?


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Which unusual language do you find on Vatican Bank ATMs in Vatican City?


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True or false, the average net worth of a resident of Monaco is over 4 million dollars?


it is about 2.1 million dollars

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Nauru is the world's fattest nation, to the nearest whole 10 %, what percentage of the tiny island nation are obese?


Most of Tuvalu's money comes from the internet. What can it offer online that no-one else can, which brings in a lot of money?

A .tv domain name, that lots of tv companies are willing to pay lots for

What are The Chiuhauhan, the Nubian and the Alaskan types of?


What is the capital of Brazil?


What is the national sport of Japan ?

Sumo Wrestling

The Maldives is a group of atolls in what ocean?

Indian Ocean

Which African head of state used to play for AC Milan?

George Weah

president of Liberia

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On April 26th, 1964, Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form which country?


There were 7 wonders of the ancient world, of which only the Great Pyramid at Giza is still around. Name as many as you can of the other 6. 1 point for each.

Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, Colossus of Rhodes, Lighthouse at Alexandria

What did Swaziland change its name to in 2018?


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Which country was formerly known as Siam?


Blandenburg, Bremen and Lower Saxony are states in which European country?


What boy's name is also the capital of the Falkland Islands?


Which mountain range forms a natural border between France and Spain?

The Pyrenees

Murrayfield Stadium is in which British city?


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The Canary Islands are a region of which country?


By population, what is the largest city in Scotland?


Quebec is a province in which country?


RI are the initials of which American state?

Rhode Island

The province of Rioja, which gives its name to the famous drink, is in which country?