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What is the capital of Brazil?


Rio de Janeiro is a city in which South American country?


Which is larger by area - The Sahara Desert or Brazil?

The Sahara Desert

9.2M km square vs 8.5M for Brazil

How many South American countries do not share a border with Brazil?


Chile and Ecuador

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What is the currency of Brazil?

The Real

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Which South American country has land borders with ten other countries?


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Name the only country through which both the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn pass


Which, by area, is the largest country in South America?


When released in Brazil, which James Bond film had the name '007 and the Atomic Blackmail'?


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Name the sport from the trophy: Jules Rimet Trophy


The original FIFA World Cup trophy, now held in perpetuity by Brazil after being first team to win it 3 times

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