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Which country was the first to develop paper money?


7th Century, Tang Dynasty

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Andrew Jackon appears on the US $20 bill, but which abolitionist and political activist is set to replace him on the bill?

Harriet Tubman

The change was delayed until after President Trump left office

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What new currency was established on January 1st 1999?

The Euro

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In cockney rhyming slang terms for money, which is worth more - A Pony or A Monkey?

A Monkey

500 pounds vs 25 for a pony

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Which unusual language do you find on Vatican Bank ATMs in Vatican City?


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True or false, the average net worth of a resident of Monaco is over 4 million dollars?


it is about 2.1 million dollars

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Prior to joining the euro, what was the currency of Spain?


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The guilder was the former currency of which European country?

The Netharlands

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What currency is used in China?


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How many countries use the Euro as their currency? (as of June 17, 2023)


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What was the national currency of Greece before it adopted the Euro in 2001?


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What is the currency of Brazil?

The Real

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What is the currency of Sweden?

Swedish Krona

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How many countries still have the shilling as currency?


Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Somalia

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