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What are the two countries who fought in the 'War of Jenkins Ear' in the mid 1700s?

England and Spain

in the mid 1700's. Jenkins was the the captain of a British merchant ship who had his ear cut off by Spanish coast guards, although it happened nearly 10 years before the war began, and it was used as an excuse to go to war with the Spanish to improve Britain's trading opportunities in the Caribbean!

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The Battle of the Bulge took place in which war?

World War II

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In 1863 which famous battle in the American Civil War began on July 1st in Pennsylvania, which would later become the subject of a famous speech by Abraham Lincoln?


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In 1956, who declared himself at war with the then Cuban president Fulgencio Batista?

Fidel Castro.

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The USS Phoenix was the only ship to come out of the attack on Pearl Harbour unscathed. During which conflict was it later sunk?

The Falklands War

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What was the commonly used name for the biggest nuclear bomb ever detonated?

Tsar Bomba

(RDS-220, code name Ivan or Vanya) a 50 megaton hydrogen bomb tested in 1961 over Novaya Zemla

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Which famous battle in Scottish history started in 1314, fighting the English (as usual).The battle was also depicted at the end of the movie Braveheart.


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The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand set off a chain of events which led to what?

World War 1

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The first atom bomb was dropped on which Japanese city?


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What was the final battle that Napoleon fought in?


which took place in Belgium on June 18, 1815, marked the final defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte

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1 August 1990 saw 100,000 Iraqi troops invade which neighbouring state, sparking off the first Gulf War?


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On 19 August 1968, Soviet tanks rolled into which country?


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In which month of which year did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor?


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In which year did the Battle of Waterloo take place?


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Whose rebel army threw the Spanish out of Venezuela in 1821?

Simon Bolivar

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Which country became the first to give women the vote in 1893?

New Zealand

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What name is given to 8 May to mark the unconditional surrender of the German Army at the end of World War II?

VE Day

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Which country was invaded during Operation Barbarossa?


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In which month of 1914 did the First World War begin?


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What was the occupation of Edith Cavell, who was shot by the Germans on a spying charge?


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What did George V ban in his household to encourage others to do the same and help the war effort?


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At which battle in 1916 was there said to be a million fatalities?


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Which new weapon was introduced in battle in 1916?


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What was the 1914-18 war known as until 1939?

The Great War

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In which year did the United States enter the First World War?


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Why were British soldiers called Tommies (short for Tommy Atkins)?

Sample name on recruitment form

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Which new British military force was established in 1918?


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The German attack on which country caused Britain to enter the Second World War?


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Which German word means 'lightning war' when translated into the English language?


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According to the World War II poster, what did 'Careless Talk' do?

Costs Lives

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