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How many parliamentary seats are returned to the UK Houses of Parliament?


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How many miles plus 514 yards is the British steeplechase The Grand National?

Four miles. (4 miles 514 yards in total)

The letterbox of 10 Downing Street in London has an inscription that reads 'First Lord of' what?

the Treasury

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After Queen Elizabeth II, only four other English monarchs have reached 50 years on the English throne - can you name them?

Victoria, Edward III, Henry III, George III

James VI of Scotland ruled more than 50 years in Scotland, and was crowned during his reign James I of England � but didn�t reign England for 50 years

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Which English Premier League team has a motto of Nil Satis Nisi Optimum, meaning Nothing but the best is good enough?


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What was the first perforated UK postage stamp, issued in 1854?

Penny Red

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Who became Prime Minister of Britain in 1916?

Lloyd George

In which year was Margaret Thatcher first elected Prime Minister in Britain?


In which decade was London's 'Crystal Palace' destroyed by fire?


Which city is closest to London in the UK? Manchester or Newcastle?


How many countries are remaining in the EU following Brexit?


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Which of the following London landmarks is the tallest?

  • St Paul's Cathedral
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Big Ben

St Paul's Cathedral

at 111 metres - Westminster Abbey is 69 metres and Big Ben is 96 metres

What is the highest mountain in Britain?

Ben Nevis

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What is the longest river in the UK?

River Severn

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What is the longest river solely in England?


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Which Rock is on the south coast of Spain?


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