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Which sea, on Earth, has no beaches?

Sargasso Sea

an area of the Atlantic Ocean which has no land border

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By area, what is the smallest ocean in the world?

Arctic Ocean

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The Mariana Trench, the deepest location on Earth, lies within which ocean?

Pacific Ocean

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Which two seas are joined by the Suez Canal?

The Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea

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Before the break-up of the former Soviet Union only two countries bordered the Caspian Sea. Now there are five. Can you name them?

Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Russia

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Bora Bora is an island in which ocean?


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The Mediterranean's two biggest islands begin with S, the next 3 with C. Name them.

Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus, Corsica, Crete

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In which ocean are the beautiful islands of Seychelles?

Indian Ocean

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Which sea in Northern Europe is bounded by several countries including Sweden, Finland, Poland and Germany?

The Baltic Sea

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Which ocean lies between Europe and America?


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Which sea separates Europe and Africa?


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