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Name the composer behind the soundtracks of The Lion King, Inception and Pirates of the Caribbean?

Hanz Zimmer

Tags: Disney, Soundtrack,

Who sang the theme for 2015 Bond film Spectre?

Sam Smith - Writing's on the Wall

Tags: James Bond, Soundtrack,

Who performed the theme song for the James Bond movie No Time to Die?

Billie Eilish

Tags: James Bond, Soundtrack,

Who wrote the music and lyrics for The Lion King's musical numbers? (1994 Lion King)?

Elton John and Tim Rice

Tags: Disney, Soundtrack,

What was the first Bond title song to reach No. 1 in the UK's Official Singles Chart?

Writing's on the Wall by Sam Smith, from Spectre (2015)

Tags: James Bond, Soundtrack,

Who has sung the most Bond theme songs?

Shirley Bassey, 3

Tags: James Bond, Soundtrack,

Which was the first Bond theme song to win an Oscar for best song?

Skyfall by Adele

Tags: James Bond, Soundtrack, Oscars,

Which electronic band composed all the music for Tron: Legacy in 2010?

Daft Punk

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In the soundtrack to the movie Grease, who sang the title song Grease?

Frankie Valli

Franki Valli was front man of the four seasons. The song was written by Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees

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What is the theme song of WWE Raw?

Legendary by Skillet

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Released in 1992, what is the best selling movie soundtrack album of all time?

The Bodyguard

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In the movie Almost Famous, what is the name of the band whom the young journalist follows on tour, in an attempt to get a story published in Rolling Stone Magazine?


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The soundtrack to which film spent 21 weeks at the top of the British Album charts in early 2018?

The Greatest Showman

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For which 1986 film did Queen's album 'A Kind of Magic' form the soundtrack?


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Who sang the 1965 James Bond theme, Thunderball?

Tom Jones

Tags: Soundtrack, James Bond,

Which band released a tie-in single for the live-action 2004 Thunderbirds movie?


with the track Thunderbirds Are Go, also known as Thunderbirds/3AM

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Eminem's Lose Yourself not only performed well in the charts, but it was the soundtrack to a cult movie. What is the film's title?

8 Mile

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Which song by Manchester band James was the lead song in the 1999 America Pie film soundtrack?


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Name the Bryan Adams song that was featured in the film Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and spent 16 weeks at the top of the UK charts in 1991?

(Everything I do) I Do It For You

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Who sang the title track of 80s Bond film The Living Daylights?


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Which iconic Simple Minds song plays during the opening and closing credits of The Breakfast Club?

Don't You (Forget About Me)

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Who sang the title song of 70s Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun?


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Which singer recorded the 'When Harry Met Sally' soundtrack?

Harry Connick Jnr

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